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The Reference currently lists 26 open restaurants (with 31 different locations) in this city.

Bush Gardens
9th (at Morrison), Portland
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Sellwood, Portland
More info about Fuji's...

Hiro Sushi
Near intersection of 217 and I-5, next to Sizzler's.
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6744 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 288-3731.
More info about Hokkaido...

Southeast, Portland
More info about Ichidai's...

Kappaya Japanese Restaurant
3384 Southeast Division Street (at Southeast 34th Avenue), Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 233-3122.
Fax: +1 (503) 233-3588.
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Koji Osakaya
Location 1. 606 SW Broadway, Downtown Portland, Portland
Location 2. 7007 SW Macadam, Portland
By public transport: Trimet #35.
Location 3. 11995 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, Portland
Location 4. 29030 Towncenter Loop, Wilsonville, Portland
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Macadam, Portland
By John's Landing.
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Location 1. 135 Northwest 10th Avenue (at the northwest corner of Northwest Couch Street), Pearl District, Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 546-9933.
Location 2. 8424 Southeast Sunnyside Road (at the southeast corner of Southeast 84th Street), in the Clackamas Promenade, Clackamas
Across from Clackamas Town Center.
Voice: +1 (503) 794-1800.
Location 3. 1409 Northeast Weilder Street (at the northeast corner of Northeast 14th Avenue), Lloyd, Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 280-0300.
More info about MarinePolis/Sushiland...

Ming's Dynasty
3rd (at Washington), Portland
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Mio Sushi
23rd (at Northwest Johnson Street), Northwest/Nob Hill, Portland
Right off NW 23rd Ave.
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200 Southwest Market Street, in the 200 Market Building (Black Box), Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 227-0080.
More info about Murata...

2nd Avenue (at Couch), Old Town, Portland
By public transport: very close to the Saturday Market MAX (light rail) stop.
More info about Obi...

Rose City Cafe
7000 Northeast Airport Way, in the Portland Airport main concourse, Portland
Short term parking level 4.
Voice: +1 (503) 335-8385.
Fax: +1 (503) 335-8464.
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Bybee Street (at the northwest corner of 17th Street), Selwood, Portland
More info about Saburo's...

Sushi & More
10325 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton
Voice: +1 (503) 526-0255.
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Sushi Land
8424 Southeast Sunnyside Road, Clackamas
In Clackamas Promanade.
Voice: +1 (503) 794-1800.
Fax: +1 (503) 794-5971.
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Sushi Town
18033 Northwest Evergreen Parkway, Tanasbourne, Portland
In Tanasbourne Town Center.
Voice: +1 (503) 466-1162.
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Sushi and Makiaki Restaurant
10822 SE 82nd Avenue (at SE Boyer Road), #L, in the Boyer Center, Portland
Between Circuit City and Winco, next to Sleep Country.
Voice: +1 (503) 786-7299.
Fax: +1 (503) 786-3047.
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Southeast, Portland
More info about Takahashi's...

Todai Restaurant
340 Southwest Morrison Street (at the southeast corner of Southwest Fourth), Unit 4305, in the Pioneer Place, Third Floor, Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 294-0007.
Fax: +1 (503) 294-0009.
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More info about Toshi's...

Ukiyoe Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
6516 North Denver Avenue (at the northeast corner of Rosa Parks Avenue), Arbor Lodge, Portland
Huge mural of an octopus on the side of the restaurant.
Voice: +1 (503) 283-8770.
More info about Ukiyoe Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar...  M

5417 Northeast 30th Street (at Killingsworth Street), Portland
Diagonally across from the Cup and Saucer Cafe.
Voice: +1 (503) 450-0893.
More info about Yakuza...  M

2878 Southeast Gladstone Street (at the west corner of Southeast 28th Street), Portland
Voice: +1 (503) 736-9228.
Fax: +1 (503) 736-9430.
More info about Yoko's...

Downtown, Portland
More info about Zen...


There is also archival information about one restaurant which is closed:

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