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The Reference currently lists 49 open restaurants (with 58 different locations) in this neighborhood.

4 on 6
16573 Ventura Boulevard, #4, in the Office Depot Mall, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 501-7191.
Fax: +1 (818) 501-4161.
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10650 Zelzah Avenue, Granada Hills
In a small strip mall, opposite Ralphs Grocery Store..
Voice: +1 (818) 368-1717.
More info about Arigato...

11941 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 760-3348.
More info about Asanebo...

Banzai Sushi
23508 Calabasas Road (at the southwest corner of El Canon ), Old Town, Calabasas
Across from the Sagebrush Cantina.
Voice: +1 (818) 222-5800.
Fax: +1 (818) 222-5870.
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Covina, Los Angeles
More info about Bishimon...

Bistro Ka Japanese Cusine
6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd., 2010A, in the Westfield Topanga Mall, Canoga Park
2nd floor near Target facing Owensmouth parking in the Westfield Topanga Mall.
Voice: +1 (818) 340-1300.
Fax: +1 (818) 340-1303.
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Brothers Sushi
Canoga (at Ventura), Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
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11713 Saticoy Street (at Lankership), North Hollywood
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Cho Cho San
Location 1. Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana, Los Angeles
Location 2. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles
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Court House Sushi
137 North Maclay Street (at Second Street), San Fernando
Voice: +1 (818) 838-6861.
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Edo Sushi Nagao
Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, Los Angeles
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9205 Reseda Boulevard, Northridge
Voice: +1 (818) 993-7125.
More info about Edokko...

Kabuki Sushi
Location 1. 9701 Reseda Boulevard (at the east corner of Superior and Reseda), Northridge
Voice: +1 (818) 886-8266.
Location 2. 3539 East Foothill Blvd, Pasadena
West of Rosemead Boulevard.
Voice: +1 (626) 351-8963.
Fax: +1 (626) 351-7726.
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1712 Victory Boulevard (at the northwest corner of Western), Burbank
Voice: +1 (818) 240-1147.
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11440 Ventura Boulevard (at the southeast corner of Ridgemoor), Studio City, Los Angeles
Next to the Art Store.
Voice: +1 (818) 763-4836.
More info about Kazu...

Ken of Japan
4340 East Cochran Street, Simi Valley, Los Angeles
10 minutes from the San Fernando VA.
Voice: +1 (805) 527-6490.
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Kyoto Sushi
18531 Devonshire Street (at the northwest corner of Reseda Boulevard), in the Albertson's shopping center, Northridge
Voice: +1 (818) 832-1183.
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Light and Healthy Sushi
Location 1. 10910 Pico Boulevard (at Westwood), Los Angeles
Voice: +1 474-4498.
Location 2. Lyons Avenue, Newhall, Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles
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Location 1. 13905 Ventura Boulevard (at the northwest corner of Stern), Sherman Oaks
North side of Ventura, between McDonalds and 7-11.
Voice: +1 (818) 789-1188.
Location 2. 11622 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City
Voice: +1 (818) 623-7888.
Location 3. 17047 Ventura Boulevard, Encino
Voice: +1 (818) 995-0888.
Fax: +1 (818) 907-5888.
More info about Midori...

North Hollywood, Los Angeles
More info about Mikado...

Miya Sushi
5215 Laurel Canyon Boulevard (at the northwest corner of Magnolia), North Hollywood, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 760-8662.
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509 South Glenoaks Street (at the southwest corner of Santa Anita), East Burbank, Burbank
Voice: +1 (818) 238-9944.
Fax: +1 (818) 846-3253.
More info about Momotaro...

Mon Sushi
Location 1. Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, Los Angeles
Location 2. 3rd Street (between LaCienega and Robertson), Los Angeles
Across from Cedars-Sinai Med. Center and one block from the Beverly Center.
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Location 1. 227 East Palm Avenue, Burbank, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 556-6622.
Location 2. 16733 Ventura Boulevard, #1, Encino, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 380-0855.
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Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant
21230 Devonshire Street (at the southeast corner of Eton Avenue), Chatsworth
Across the street from car wash.
Voice: +1 (818) 998-8087.
Fax: +1 (818 ) 998-8080.
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Shogun Sushi
10174 Reseda Boulevard (at the southeast corner of Devonshire), Northridge
In a strip mall on east side of the street, opposite Sav-on and Galleria Market.
Voice: +1 (818) 349-9555.
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Sushi Dan
11056 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 985-2254.
Fax: +1 (818) 985-2392.
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Sushi Delivery USA
12920 Riverside Drive (at the southwest corner of Coldwater Canyon), Sherman Oaks
Across from Whole Foods Market.
Voice: +1 (818) 990-5206.
Fax: +1 (818) 990-5224.
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Sushi Hirosuki
17237 Ventura Boulevard, Unit C, in the Plaza de Oro Shopping Center, Encino, Los Angeles
Four blocks west of Balboa, before Louis on the north side..
Voice: +1 (818) 788-7548.
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Sushi Iki
18663 Ventura Boulevard (at the north corner of Yolanda Avenue), Tarzana, Los Angeles
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Sushi Ko
19300 Rinaldi Street (at the southeast corner of Tampa), Suite G, in the Whole Foods Center, Porter Ranch, Los Angeles
Just off the Tampa exit of the 118 freeway.
Voice: +1 (818) 363-5388.
Fax: +1 (818) 363-5530.
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Sushi Nozawa
Ventura (at Eureka), Studio City, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 508-7017.
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Sushi Raw
16858 Devonshire Street (at the southeast corner of Balboa), Granada Hills, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 832-9322.
Fax: +1 (818) 832-6686.
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Sushi Sushi
Beverly Drive (at Olympic), Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
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Sushi Tei
1125 Lindero Canyon Road, Suite A1-B, Thousand Oaks
Voice: +1 (818) 889-0133.
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Sushi Tsune
In the Tarzana Square, Tarzana, Los Angeles
Voice: +1 (818) 705-3400.
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Sushi Yotsuya
18760 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles
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Sushi Zawa
208 East Palm Avenue, Burbank
Voice: +1 (818) 848-0688.
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3835 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard, in the North Ranch Mall, Conejo Valley, Westlake Village
Next to Tower Records.
Voice: +1 (805) 496-5294.
More info about Takahashi...

Take Sushi
2nd Street, Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Near Wilshire Boulevard.
More info about Take Sushi...

Tama Sushi
11920 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City
CBS Studio, two blocks east of Laurel Cnyn.
By public transport: MTA to Carpenter.
Voice: +1 (818) 760-4585.
Fax: +1 (818) 760-4363.
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21630 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
On the southeast corner of Ventura, one block west of Canoga.
Voice: +1 (818) 340-8690.
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Teru Sushi
Ventura Boulevard, San Fernando Valley, Studio City
Voice: +1 (818) 763-6201.
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Location 1. In the Studio City Shopping Center, Studio City, Los Angeles
Near Ventura and Tujunga.
Location 2. West Covina, Los Angeles
Location 3. Redondo Beach, Los Angeles
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Tokyo Delves
Lankershim Boulevard (between Camarillo and Magnolia), North Hollywood/Studio City area, Los Angeles
More info about Tokyo Delves...

Ueru Ka Mu
Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles
Just east of Corbin Bowl (is there a Corbin Bowl anymore?).
More info about Ueru Ka Mu...

Yagumo Sushi
14554 Vanowen Street (at the southeast corner of Vesper), Van Nuys
Across the street from Taco Bell in the corner .
Voice: +1 (818) 787-9383.
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10118 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake
Just west of Radio Shack, just east of Clybourn.
Voice: +1 (818) 763-8355.
Fax: +1 (818) 763-8353.
More info about Yamakawa...  M

Zono Sushi
610 North First Street, Burbank
In the Ikea shopping center, underneath parking garage.
Voice: +1 (818) 557-1268.
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