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Top Sushi Bars in Australia

Many Japanese and Western restaurants now offer sushi as a staple due to its growing popularity. But the best sushi bars in Australia are run by trained and experienced master chefs who make top quality sushi from fresh produce and present it to you with artistic excellence. The sushi bars listed here are highly rated by their customers and patrons on popular web platforms like Google and Trip Advisor.



Minamishima is a relatively new Japanese restaurant with a talented and highly experienced master chef. Established in 2014 in Richmond Victoria, this award-winning sushi restaurant serves the omakase of expert Chef Koichi Minamishima, a sushi master with over 25 years of performing Japanese culinary art. Minamishima provides the most intimate Japanese traditional dining experience in Melbourne. No a la carte menu is available, so you must put your trust in the integrity of Chef Minamishima. He uses fresh local ingredients from local boutique farmers, seafood markets in Australia and seasonally imported fresh produce from the famous Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. Every piece of traditionally prepared sushi allows the inherent features of each main ingredient to shine.


Masaaki’s Sushi

Masaaki Koyama is frequently touted as Australia’s best chef. His sushi bar is located in the quiet town of Geeveston in Tasmania. Masaaki is so popular that he only opens his bar on Friday and Saturday between 11.30 am and 3 pm and he sells out completely. He insists on providing sushi made with fresh produce only. His patrons and customers book in advance to come to his restaurant and they don’t mind queueing up to receive his superb service. All the local newspapers in Tasmania provide regular news about this chef’s unique cuisine and customers travel from various parts of Australia to taste a selection of his sushi and bento boxes made from freshly acquired produce and vegetables from his personal vegetable garden.


Sushi Monger

Sushi Monger, located in The Walk Arcade on Bourke Street in Melbourne is one of the few sushi bars that offers high quality sushi at a very low price. If you are on a budget and you want to eat sushi made from premium grade fresh seafood and fish for lunch, Sushi Monger is a great place to go. Open on Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 3.30 pm, they serve great sushi rolls, warm beef sukiyaki, bento boxes and tasty avocado rolls. Most meals are priced at less than $20. Special accessibility options are available for people in wheelchairs but the main drawback is that they only accept cash and you must get there early or you may have to wait for a while before you get served.


Hinoki Japanese Pantry

This is a Japanese grocery store that has a great sushi bar providing freshly made sushi rolls at an affordable price. Located on Smith Street in Fitzroy, Victoria, Hinoki is highly rated because the staff are extremely friendly and they use absolutely fresh ingredients to prepare sushi. With the tiny dining facility, it is better to order for your sushi in advance and eat it as a take away, although the sushi has to be eaten fresh to enjoy the excellent taste and flavour. Hinoki also serves many vegan options and gluten free courses.


Jaws Kaiten Sushi

Jaws Kaiten Sushi is one of the oldest and best sushi restaurant chains in Australia. Established in Perth in 1995 by Yoshimasa Hirayama, Jaws was the first restaurant in Australia to provide Kaiten Sushi (conveyor belt sushi) in a bright and clean environment with friendly service at comparatively low prices. In Western Australia, Jaws is the leading sushi take away shop for a rewarding casual dining experience, especially within the Perth CBD. When you visit Perth, Jaws Kaiten Sushi is the best place to get authentic, fresh and delicious sushi.


Kenzan Japanese Restaurant

For over 30 years, Kenzan has provided premium quality Japanese cuisine for the people of Melbourne and its environs. This award-winning restaurant offers a wide variety of sushi options and many traditional Japanese dishes for lunch and dinner at an affordable price. So if you need top quality sushi rolls, made with fresh ingredients, you should visit Kenzan located in Collins street in Melbourne. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch the master chefs prepare your sushi with artistic precision or relax in one of the private rooms and enjoy the top class service of the friendly stewards.


All the sushi bars and restaurants listed above offer top quality sushi. To have a pleasant and memorable experience at any of these places, you should check for their opening hours, make a call and a reservation, and get there early so you don’t have to spend time waiting to be served.


Best Sushi Restaurants in the U.S.

A good sushi restaurant will provide sushi with the freshest ingredients in a place with beautiful furnishing, brilliant lighting and splendid ambience. You will also expect the chefs to bow when you enter the restaurant, discourse with you while cooking, complete the preparation of the sushi promptly, and present it in a creative and artistic manner. Here are some of the best sushi restaurants in U.S. that provide great food and service.


Ichimura at Brushstroke, NY

Located just beside David Bouley’s TriBeCa restaurant, this sushi restaurant is one of the few Japanese restaurants in the country with 2 Michelin stars and 3 stars from The NY Times. Patrons are served by Eiji Ichimura, the master chef who prepares excellent traditional Japanese sushi at the 8-seat bar. You can get Edomae-style fish here because Ichimura is an expert in the area of curing and ageing fish. If you want tasty and savoury sushi, you need to make a reservation early so you can enjoy the wonderful omakase menu.


Sushi Nakazawa, NY

At Sushi Nakazawa, you’ll have the privilege to sample the 20-course omakase of master chef Daisuke Nakazawa. Employed by famous restaurateur Alessandaro Borgognone after he watched the documentary: “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”, this Jiro-trained chef makes Edomae-style sushi using only fresh high quality ingredients. So if you want to eat sushi made by a protege of the world’s best sushi chef, make a reservation at Sushi Nakazawa. As you sit in the high back leather chairs, you will have a relaxed and entertaining two-hour experience watching and listening to Nakazawa.


O Ya Boston, MA

O Ya is an award-winning restaurant with many traditional and unconventional sushi dishes. Owned and serviced by Tim Cushman who has no formal training as a sushi chef, the restaurant was named by the NY Times as the best new restaurant in the U.S. in 2008. Located by South Station in Boston, this restaurant serves many unique dishes like tea-brined chicken, oil-drizzled and chilli spiced hamachi tartare, and deserts like the famous foie gras nigiri with a cocoa pulp and sake. An early reservation will enable you to partake of the 17-course omakase menu or simply enjoy their meals a la carte.


Sushi Kimagure Ike, Los Angeles, CA

Sushi Kimagure Ike is one of the best sushi bars where you can get fresh and delicious traditional sushi in Pasadena, CA. No fancy rolls with plenty of sauce are served here but you will always get tasty fresh fish when you opt for the omakase. Although this sushi-ya is quite simple and casual (commonly referred as a whole in the wall), the chef has over two decades of experience. He was one of the pioneer sushi chefs in Hollywood when he made sushi at his famous Sushi Ike restaurant before retiring. He returned to active service with Sushi Kimagure Ike. Make reservations for the omakase menu and enjoy Chef Ike’s signature seared salmon, textured octopus, seafood salad, scallops and a lot more.


Sushi Ran, Sausalito, CA

Recognised as one of the best Japanese restaurants in America, Sushi Ran has received awards from USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Zagat, and Michelin over the past three decades. This is where you can get an innovative blend of Pacific and Japanese cuisine. With a team of master chefs, courteous and friendly waiters, and a variety of wines and traditional Japanese drinks, you can easily pair food and wine in a warm and cosy atmosphere. The omakase menu is dynamic and changes with each season so you can always look forward to eating a different kind of fish, vegetable or spice each time you visit. With the daily delivery of fresh produce from the renowned Tsukiji market in Japan, you can expect mouth watering sushi, exotic shaking beef, tender lamp chops, and flavour-intense vegan dishes at Sushi Ran.


Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant, Seattle WA

Shiro’s was founded over twenty years ago by Chef Shiro Kashiba, a creative master chef who built a team that has sustained his legacy since he retired in 2015. Shiro’s patrons are served by a team of expert Japanese chefs who are trained to prepare traditional Edomae-style sushi using locally sourced ingredients. That is why you will always enjoy the unique flavour of fresh tuna and seafood when you come here. In addition to the omakase menu, you can select the oysters, topped with a drop of ponzu, grated daikon and sprinkled chili. Seafood salad with raw octopus, salmon, crab, crunchy cucumbers and seaweed with sesame seed dressing is another delicacy that you will enjoy at Shiro’s. You can pair your sushi or sashimi with cocktails, beer, wine or sake available at the restaurant’s bar.



A visit to any of these restaurants in the U.S. will be a wonderful experience for anyone seeking for skilfully prepared traditional sushi made with fresh fish, seafood, vegetables and spices. At each restaurant, you will enjoy premium quality service with expert chefs and friendly servers.