Welcome to the World-Wide Sushi Reference!

This site began as a catalog of all the sushi restaurants worldwide (outside of Japan). It was great! It was one of the first sushi restaurant guides on the web (all the way back in 1994), and for a long time we were the best. We even made the New York Times in 1997!

Twenty years later, sushi has changed and the web has changed.

Sushi is everywhere now! It used to be hard to find, but now it seems like there’s a sushi joint in all but the smallest towns. It’s a great time to be a sushi lover! But it was less great to try to keep track of all of those places opening and closing. Our listings got more and more out of date as we got further and further behind.

So …. welcome to the “new” World-Wide Sushi Reference. It’s a modest site with a little bit of information about sushi – essentially the best, most timeless parts of the old site, plus new articles. I hope it helps you, teaches you something, makes you smile, or just makes you hungry for sushi.


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